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Savlon®, from Johnson & Johnson, helps care for and protect you and your loved ones' skin from germs, giving you and your family the freedom to live free and do more. For the past 23 years Savlon® has made your skin care its top priority in South Africa, helping prevent the spread of germs.

Savlon® manufactures a range of antiseptic and hygiene products which keep your skin clean and protected from germs. They are also used in first aid to clean wounds and prevent infections.

Ref: J&J internal data



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Savlon® Product Range

Savlon® Antiseptic Liquid is formulated to kill over 99.9% of germs* on skin.

Hygiene Facts

Tiny microorganisms are all around us but are invisible to the human eye.


Germs can make you feel ill. There are three common types of germs.


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Our Product Range

Savlon® Antiseptic Liquid

Savlon® Antiseptic Liquid is formulated to kill over 99.9% of germs* on skin.

Savlon® Protection Jelly

Savlon® Protection Jelly creates a protective barrier on the skin that guards against 99.9% of germs* and provides 24 hour moisturisation.

Savlon® Protection Cream

Savlon® Protection Cream combines 10x more germ protection* with 24 Hr moisturisation, by creating a protective barrier on the skin.

Savlon® Hygiene Soap

Savlon® Hygiene Soap has been dermatologically tested and is suitable to use on your whole family**.



Savlon® - Tough on Germs, Not Your Skin

Savlon® - Strong Enough To Care